The Protector: His Loss and Retribution


(note from Peter)

The inspiration for the storyline that unfolds in this second novel (the second of the ‘The Protector’ Trilogy) stems from wanting to explore the consequences of the most horrific event that anyone could possibly experience. For such an event to fit into the storyline, as I wanted to portray it, I chose to see what would happen to the hero of the first book of the Trilogy when he discovers that the woman he loves, her two children and her mother, are murdered (a week before he was to marry her), as revenge for his annihilation of the criminal organization that had Los Angeles in its grip for more than a year. So, where the last pages of the first book ends in a high note when the hero and the woman he loves decide to marry after having found a solution for their disparity (she as a famous movie actress and he as an extraterrestrial who needs to remain an enigma), the second book begins with a low note when the hero discovers that she and her family are dead. I found it difficult to find the words to describe his grief in a heartfelt way – such that my readers would feel something resembling the emotion that he had to endure. I decided to let him experience the nature of what we call ‘Complicated Grief Disorder’ – a condition that can be described by a continuous heightened state of mourning that keeps someone from healing. It is accompanied by intense sorrow, pain and continuous focus on the loss of loved ones. I had him escape to the Adirondack mountains to be alone for six months, and there experience three counts of wanting to commit suicide. He finally finds some reprieve from his grief when his biological parents take him to meet his two sisters, whom he hadn’t met before, and it’s at their home that he comes to terms with his guilt for not having ensured that the family he loved was sufficiently protected. But I shouldn’t reveal more than that, to let my readers discover for themselves how he returns to society to resume the role he was designated for, and to find love again….

Blurb text

This book is a sequel to ‘The Protector: His Origin and Rise’, by the same author. It is the second novel of the ‘The Protector’ trilogy, of which the third novel is entitled, ‘The Protector: Removal of the President’. These novels present an account of Sam Stanton’s continuing fight against injustice, crime, corruption and oppression, as he all the while rescues people in need. His fight has cost him dearly, as readers will find out when they turn to the first chapter. Sam barely escaped the consequences of discovering that the woman he was about to marry, and her children, were murdered as revenge for his elimination of the criminal organization that had caused havoc in his life. He tried to commit suicide on three occasions, but in each case some remnant of positive thinking caused him to reconsider what he was doing. The love of those around him finally extracted him from his unbearable sorrow. It required thirteen months for him to resume his fight against the reinstated criminal organization he thought he had eradicated. When Sam meets the chief of police for the first time after deciding to resume his battle against the people who murdered his loved ones, he meets the chief’s niece, Leona Martin. She is a senior detective in the Los Angeles Police Department, and her assignment is to find and apprehend those responsible for the murder of the family that Sam loved. They agree on cooperating towards their common goal, but Sam suspects that Leona is motivated by how a successful outcome will help her reputation, a promotion being the reward. Leona, on the other hand, thinks Sam is merciless and ruthless for killing kidnappers and murderers instead of letting them be taken to trial. Whilst intensively working together during the following days and weeks, they each discover who the other really is. They develop feelings for each other, but Sam is intent not to commit himself to her because the last time he committed himself to the woman he loved, she was murdered. The events that follow bring them closer together and culminate in a situation where they are both severely wounded. Believing that they are both dead, the criminals decide to dispose of their bodies by burying them….

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The book is published by Buijten & Schipperheijn b.v. in Amsterdam, has a hard cover and a dust jacket, the flaps of which provide a note on the author and a note on the importance of reading the first book since this book is its sequel. The book comprises 328 pages. Its ISBN number is 978-90-827682-5-1. It is sold by all major bookshops, but it can also be ordered directly from the publisher. The following link is provided for that purpose.