‘An Unforgettable Affair’ – Announcement of a new novel

Attentive followers of this website will have read Peter’s answer to questions about his intentions regarding the availability of future parts of the four “Science of Sailing” books that have received wide publicity. On noting that he spent considerable time in 2020-2021 in writing the novels constituting the ‘Protector’ Trilogy, described elsewhere on this site, he received questions from several people to this effect. He informed them that he is yet to take a decision in this regard (see FAQ4). He wrote: ‘I firmly believe in finishing something that I started, even if it is something that requires years to do. So, the simple answer to this question is to consider the three novels as an interlude in the writing of the “Science of Sailing” books’. He added: ‘I wish life was that simple. The fact of the matter is that I enjoyed writing the novels much more than I enjoyed writing the last of the scientific books’. There were then various reasons to not embark on a fourth novel, and Peter spent considerable time on Part 5 of “The Science of Sailing”, all the while working on a story-line for a new novel when time to do so presented itself. Peter has now formally announced that he is working on a new novel, entitled: ‘An Unforgettable Affair’. He will present further details at a later date.